Real Life “Spiderman” climbed Salesforce Tower against abortion

Real Life “Spiderman” climbed Salesforce Tower against abortion

A guy who free-climbed to the top of San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower said on his website that he had recently begun scaling skyscrapers in order to bring abortion to an end.

After climbing all 61 levels of the Salesforce Tower, the man, identified as Maison Deschamps, a rock climber who refers to himself as a Pro-Life Spiderman was apprehended and taken into custody by authorities after he first posted pictures on Instagram while he was climbing the tower.

At about 9:21 a.m., officers were called to the scene by concerned citizens who reported that someone was climbing the 1,070-foot tower, which is the tallest structure in the city. The climber, identified as 22-year-old Maison Deschamps, continued to scale the skyscraper until he reached the very top of the Tower at approximately 10:50 a.m., authorities said.

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